Leave your video games at home, and check your diapers at the door, this is the Pirate Club! The most elite group of adventure seekers the world has ever known!
Terrorizing all of Blackhawk Delta with their pirating antics, the Pirate Club is a group of grade-schoolers intent on pilfering all of the booty and territory from each and every one of their rival gangs, sparing no one. From burying rare treasures under Hangman’s Tree and adventure on the high seas, to showdowns with rival clubs and tormenting Old Man Winter, the Pirate Club does what Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn only dreamed of.

The Pirate Club consists of four kids, each with their own quirks...

This delusional leader of the Pirate Club is equal parts Blackbeard and Tom Sawyer. John has high hopes and dreams of becoming a real pirate of
the high seas and won’t let having been born
a few centuries too late get in his way.
The second in command of the Pirate Club, and adamantly insists he is a real bear. He even eats raw salmon. Bearclaw acts as the brute muscle of the Pirate Club. He’s equal parts Grizzly bear and Huck Finn.
The member of the club most grounded to reality, Mike is a highly trained ninja whose overwhelming skepticism about all things pirate is based partly in his lack of swimming ability.
She dishes the insults and pain better than anyone except maybe Bearclaw (who harbors a secret crush on her.) Together, they are the unstoppable
scourge of Sycamore Valley.
But what good would having a Pirate Club be without the constant threat of rival clubs overtaking all of that hard-won booty? Brace yourself and behold the mysterious innerworkings of Blackhawk Delta’s other prominent clubs...
The chief rival of the Pirate Club is the Bully Club. Composed primarily of athletes from the Brookside Lion’s after-school sports program, they are dim-witted, overbearing, and full of desire to throw things (and people) in a sports-like fashion. Careful where you choose to attack, these guys are always wearing a cup.
Second only to Pirate Club in terms of
ruthlessness and intimidation, The Dirty Faced Kids are a hard bunch to trust, as their loyalties can easily be bought and sold with a mere frosted cupcake. But with no real parental
supervision in sight, these kids tend to be a wealth of resources the Pirate Club can’t ignore.
Partially due to their complete lack of thirst for adventure, these are the most despised (and well-equipped) of the Pirate Club's rivals. Worse than that,
is the fact that these kids can’t stand the idea of anyone having more of anything than they do. this causes the rich little club to stop at nothing to make sure any treasure the Pirate Club encounters will
eventually fall into their own greedy little hands.
Has delusions of grandeur that outweigh their means for success. And although they have no desire to be ruling club of the valley, the Science Club has been humiliated too many times to let the Pirate Club reign supreme! Their only set-back? The Science Club has no chance of exacting their revenge...only a chance of more humiliation and a deeper hatred of the Pirate Club.
After losing their leader, Mike, to the Pirate Club at an initiation gone wrong, these Ninjas will stop at
nothing to restore the honor taken from them on that fateful day. Armed with their bare fists and a mysterious ninja garb, these reckless warriors stop at nothing to prove their worth to a wholly unimpressed former leader.
More than anything, these grade school rejects want to be members of the Pirate Club...and the Pirate Club
in return, wants nothing to do with them...that is unless the Pirate Club is in need of collecting taxes, brushing up on their combat skills, or hankering for a wedgie victim. These kids put up with it all, in the hopes that someday,
they too may be real Pirates.
There are many more central players in the Pirate Club's world of suburban warfare. Let’s take a look at a few more of their allies, as well as those who get in their way.
Never has an old man been in such constant regret of trying to scare some pesky kids
off of his lawn by brandishing his hook hand as is Phil. Ever since then, the Pirate Club has come back again and again, begging Phil to regale them with tales of the high sea. The thing is, Phil has never been to the sea. No, Phil is just a garbage man living off workman’s comp after losing his hand in a freak waste management accident.
When the mood strikes, Phil will entertain the Club with outlandish tales of an imaginary voyage on the high seas with his trusted (albeit bumbling) first mate, McEntee. Sure, Phil puts on
a gruff exterior, but deep down, he loves the kids and admires their zest for life.
Once a respected member of the Sycamore Valley Police Department, Officer Reilly quickly found himself demoted after countless failed attempts to catch the Pirate Club in the midst of their tomfoolery. With dreams of one day being chief of police, and a grudge larger than the Grand Canyon, Officer Reilly is determined to nab that pesky Pirate Club and restore his good name.
In his youth he was the founder of ‘the Young Bucaneers’, and found much treasure durring his many adventures. The Pirate Club is always secretly looking for a way to get those treaures, but little do they know that Old Man Winter has been their silent observer since day one. He is waiting for the day in which the secret location to the greatest of treasures can be bestowed to the most worthy club in the valley.

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